Tender launch system


V-Technology’s tender launch system offers the most efficient solution for launching auxilliary boats. Our systems are used on superyachts as well as naval and coastguard vessels. High-quality customisation.

The tender launch system is ideal when there is no room for a sliding beam or crane, or when the vessel’s design prevents such solutions. It is also particularly useful on ships where the lazarette is used as a ‘beach club’. The moving part of the stern can then be used as a swimming platform. Once the chase boat is in the water, the launching system retracts into the deck, almost completely out of sight.

Simple tender launch system

Launching and retrieving an auxiliary boat is made very simple by our tender launch system. The system is designed and constructed specifically for your needs, and the available space and your wishes are our starting points for a beautiful design. Moreover, our tender launch system requires fewer crewmembers to prepare the tender for launch and makes both launching and retrieving it much safer.

High quality

We are proud that our tender launch system is used on naval and coastguard vessels as well as superyachts. To us, this is a testament to our skill, commitment to high quality and love of beautiful design.

Benefits of the tender launch system


virtually invisible

requires fewer crewmembers

ensures the safest possible launch

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