Rotating sofa


Our rotating sofa allows you to snuggle up and enjoy the view together. Or you can opt for separate sofa sections to create a cosy seating area. The possibilities are endless with V-Technology’s rotating sofa.

Separate semicircular sofa sections can be combined to form a large sofa, or you can position the individual sections in any arrangement. Thanks to the automatic drive, changing the configuration is simple.

Rotating floor

When the sofa is used in conjunction with our rotating floor, it is even possible to rotate the various configurations a full 360°. Perfect for enjoying the sun while sheltering from the breeze – or vice versa. This ingenious system offers you complete flexibility.

For example, you might choose an intimate lounge setup where guests face each other for conversation. Or you can quickly switch to a side-by-side configuration to enjoy a movie or take in the breathtaking view of a beautifully lit bay at night.

For any sofa type

Our rotating sofa is always customisable. Your choice of sofa is the starting point for our design. The drive technology is hidden completely out of sight, and the rotating floor has a very shallow installation depth, allowing the rotating sofa to be installed almost anywhere on the yacht. The electric drive is equipped with brakes and a ‘locker’ to secure the sofas in place, even in rough seas.

Benefits of the rotating sofa

durable and sturdy

easy to use

invisible technology

suitable for any sofa style

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