Generous adjustable loungers


Want to surprise guests with some ingenious adjustable loungers? You have a winner with these stylish ‘pop-up’ sun loungers that we developed especially for Royal Huisman. Our virtually invisible system allows you to suddenly conjure up a pair of special loungers out of nowhere.

You can set the loungers in various positions. The back section can be positioned at any angle. Knee support? Then raise the knee piece. The electrical system in these adjustable loungers is easy to use. The controls are elegantly incorporated into the aluminium frame.

Adjustable loungers fit any design

Not using the adjustable loungers? Then the technology allows you to easily hide them away in the deck. So you can pleasantly surprise your guests with these chic sun beds.

Sober chic

V-Technology Innovators’ adjustable loungers are robust and have a timeless and stylish look. That perfectly matches the chic look of superyachts. Multi-person loungers pop up at the push of a button. There is also a convenient storage space under the bed.

Advantages of adjustable loungerseasy to use

ease of use

compact and low installation

lightweight due in part to aluminium

with convenient storage space under the bed

a stylish addition that matches the ship’s design

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