Custom swivel chair


Ship interiors are renowned for their clever use of space, and our custom-made swivel chair is the epitome of this efficiency. Space and weight are key considerations in its design. Our swivel chair allows you to create an extra seat with a simple turn.

The chair is available in a variety of designs. With or without a backrest? With or without a footrest? It’s all possible. When the swivel chair is not in use, it can be swivelled away easily, for example, under a table or in the wall. To facilitate this, we often work with an S-frame.

This frame is constructed from stainless steel 316 or plastic. We can also incorporate aluminium components to further reduce weight. The chair is usually fixed to the floor for extra stability. The custom swivel chair has a polished, high-gloss finish, giving it a mirror-like sheen. However, other finishes are also possible.

Bespoke design

Our swivel chair is always customisable. We would be delighted to tell you how we custom design our swivel chairs. If, afterwards, you are impressed by the design, we will work with you to tailor the chair to your exact requirements. We will discuss the design with you and provide a clear quote. Once the design is finalised, we will proceed with construction.

Benefits of the custom swivel chair

easy to operate

compact and space-efficient

ideal for creating extra seating

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