Inspections, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting on marine lifts.

Marine lifts serve an important role aboard a ship or yacht. Of course, you want them to work safely and properly. Periodic maintenance is critical for a passenger lift to work safely and reliably. Maintenance and inspections must be performed by a specialised service technician. We go beyond standard maintenance and inspections to find appropriate solutions. A lift should be inspected every six and/or twelve months so that it satisfies legal guidelines. We carry out these inspections in accordance with the prevailing guidelines and standards.

V-Technology Innovators is your specialised partner with extensive expertise in lift maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. Our skilled technicians ensure your marine lift remains operational and in optimal condition. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience with various types of passenger lifts:

Traction lifts (cable)

Hydraulic lifts

Rack and pinion lifts

Well-known marine lift brands

Do you have a marine lift made by Hyundai, Lutz or Alimak/Champion? Then you have found the right address! We service and repair these types of lifts all over the world. We also perform periodic inspections for marine lifts, including on drilling platforms.

Experienced service technicians

After 20 years of experience, very few marine lifts hold any secrets for us. You can rely on us for regular maintenance, resolving malfunctions and specific troubleshooting.

Regular marine lift maintenance

Standard maintenance includes adjusting and calibrating equipment, and replacing main cables, governor cables, conductor shoes, etc. Properly scheduled regular maintenance helps prevent most breakdowns and problems with marine lifts.


Is your marine lift faulty? Then call or send us an email. We will offer an appropriate solution based on your description of the breakdown and our service team will come by to repair your marine lift.

Whether the fault is mechanical or electrical, we can resolve all issues and repair both modern and older marine lifts.

We solve any marine lift problem

The reason a marine lift is not working properly must be found. Our service technicians will continue to investigate until they find the root of the problem. We will then carry out an efficient repair in consultation with the customer.

According to the standards

Naturally, we work according to current NEN standards:

NEN-EN 81-1 & NEN-EN 81-2

NEN-EN 81-20 & NEN-EN 81-50

We are also certified for:

Offshore platforms: certificates for Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (OPITO), Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Response Training (NOGEPA 0.5A), including HUET plus Emergency Breathing System.

Lloyd’s Register (LRQA): code for Lifting Appliances in a Marine Environment, January 2003

Advantages of lift maintenance by V-Technology Innovators

extensive experience with the most well-known brands

worldwide service

we also provide regular inspections on ships or drilling platforms

offshore certified

compliance with applicable NEN standards

one service engineer can handle both traction (cable) and rack and pinion lifts

Would you like to know more?

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